Great Sand Dunes National Park

Mosca Pass Trail (Pictures - May 2006)

Mosca Pass Trail This morning I hiked up the Mosca Pass Trail from the Great Sand Dunes side.
Mosca Pass Trail Near the beginning of the hike is a marker dedicated to Zebulon Pike, the first American to record his impressions of the Great Sand Dunes.
Mosca Pass Trail It's not the greatest picture quality, but I liked this shot of these aspens.
Mosca Pass Trail Folks, I am going to be honest with you. I was fairly disappointed with this trail. From the Mosca Pass Trail trailhead, it is 3.7 miles to the summit. At about 2.5 miles in, at this very spot, I turned around. The scenery was quite underwhelming, as the trail goes slowly up in a rocky canyon with very little to "wow" the hiker. There were no stunning vista of the San Luis Valley, the sand dunes or the neighboring Sangre De Cristo Mountains, and upon learning from other hikers on the trail that there was nothing exciting up the trail, I turned around.
Mosca Pass Trail About 0.5 miles up the trail, this is the best view of the Sand Dunes, as seen through the "V" of the canyon. The blue sky and clouds is quite beautiful, isn't it? :)
Mosca Pass Trail One token shot of me with the camera.

My Suggestion: The Mosca Pass Trail is a fairly underwhelming hike. From a scenery and photography standpoint, there's not much to brag about. However, if you simply love hiking for the sake of hiking in the San Luis Valley, or if you want to reach the sand dunes from Huerfano County, this might be more worth while. Zapata Falls, located just a few miles south, might be a better option in general.


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