Great Sand Dunes National Park

Hooper, Colorado (Pictures of a Small Alamosa County Town - May 6, 2006)

Hooper, Colorado After my visit to the Great Sand Dunes, I spent a little bit of time photographing the town of Hooper.
Hooper, Colorado The Hooper Post Office looked really small ... 81136! ;)
Hooper, Colorado I love this sign on the side of the highway! In the heart of the San Luis Valley ... good ol' Hooper ... POPULATION 103! :)
Hooper, Colorado This is the Hooper Town Hall building. If I moved to this town, I bet I could be elected mayor on the platform of fixing up the outside of the Town Hall. ;)
Hooper, Colorado Across the street is the old Hooper Motor Company building.
Hooper, Colorado The Hooper Town Park is actually a nice little park.
Hooper, Colorado

Ah, but a lot of these small San Luis Valley towns are known for their views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the east. Adjacent are two photos.
This is definitely a small Colorado town with character! I biked through Hooper during my century bike ride last year.

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is


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