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Great Sand Dunes National Park
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High Dune At The Great Sand Dunes
High Dune High Dune is a very popular point for hikers inside the park. I snapped many photos that give perspective on the size of these dunes ... View Photos

If You Love The Great Sand Dunes...
Great Sand Dunes Enjoy this assorted collection inside the park, including a spring, a bison grazing and two shots of Medano Creek running ... View Pictures
Hiking Down Steep Hills
While the walking up of steep dunes is quite a workout, running down those same steep dunes can be quite an adventure for sure ... Read More
Sand Dunes Perspective Photo
Great Sand Dunes It can be somewhat difficult to grasp just how large the Great Sand Dunes really are. Here is one photo that might help with perspective ... Read Article
The "Long Approach" To The Park
San Luis Valley The San Luis Valley is a large and isolated high plateau in southern Colorado that most are forced to experience on their way to the park ... View Pictures

Zapata Falls, CO
Zapata Falls, CO

Hike To Star Dune
Enjoy my photos and report of my hike to Star Dune, the tallest dune in the park. No trail exists, but its simply a matter of using common sense to reach it ... View Photos

Park Ranger Interview
Park Ranger Patrick Myers has worked at the Great Sand Dunes for 12 years, and talks about hikes, climbing Mt. Herard and other interesting facts about the park ... Read More
In Search Of Medano Creek
Medano Creek was barely running in the park on May 6, and it took some time and effort to hike the creek bed to reach water ... View Pictures
Southern Colorado Mountains
Here are some photos of southern Colorado's Rocky Mountain scenery in the vicinity of the Great Sand Dunes ... View Photos
Frisbee With Friends
Derek, Anna and Steve visit and play frisbee after Steve biked all the way from Salida, Colorado. It was a relaxing Colorado evening at the base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains ... View Photos
Sunday Morning Hike
Lars and Steve arrive early on Sunday and realize they had the Great Sand Dunes all to themselves. They hiked to High Dune ... View Photos

Alamosa, Colorado


Wandr Folks Get a Windy Day

Climbing High Dune

Sand Surfing

Driving Colorado State Highway 150 To Great Sand Dunes National Park

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Rocks Among The Dunes
Mosca Pass Trail
Visitor Center
Hooper, CO
View From Mt. Herard

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